Cabaret nights


Stay with us late at the festival for a drink and a dynamic showcase of music, dance, burlesque and performance work.

Thursday Oct. 5, Friday Oct. 6, and Saturday Oct. 7 at 9:30pm

Thursday Oct. 5: featuring Jessica Zepeda & Bruce Gibbons Fell, Sultana Burlesque, Gay Jesus and Rumba Buena. Hosted by Sebastian Marziali.

Friday Oct. 6: featuring Patrick Salvani, Colectivo Pez Luna / Moonfish Collective (Philomena Flynn-Flawn & Coco Guzman) and Maracatu Mar Aberto. Hosted by Martha Chaves.

Saturday Oct 7: Curated by GSI Convergence, featuring Beth Nixon (Bone Clock), Minah Lee (Mad Woman’s ESL Poetry), Megan Johnson (The Laborious Performances of Cathy Berberian), Geneva Foster Gluck (Magnetic Chamber), OrgyPUNK (Manifesto Margarita) & DJ Firecracker.

Cast & Credits
photo of Sebastian Marziali