Friday Shows


Everything is Everything
Exploring the connection between worlds – spirit and physical – and the relationship between all things as a source of wonder and something to struggle for.

Unipersonal para una interprete miope
“Los lugares se llevan, los lugares están en uno.” (Jorge Luis Borges)
A psychological portrayal about “Morusa”, a migrant character facing a city of 21 million, and the evident difficulty to connect.

We’re in a Non-Relationship Relationship
“I can cope with rejection. I am an independent woman, I need my space, I need more time for myself, you know what I mean? Like I feel as though life has something in store for me, something bigger than myself, I can reach so high and far you know?”

A live graphic novel performance from multidisciplinary artist Lido Pimienta, directed by Gein Wong.

Road Warrior
Stories from the road and the road from sadness to laughter.

Friday Shows begin at 7:30pm: Performance order will be announced the night of. No latecomers.