Film - 52 Minutes

“I am a kind of Jamaican that might not be familiar. Or, as some have said, not really Jamaican, or not Jamaican enough, or not Jamaican at all. Nevertheless, the kind of Jamaican that I am, I bring to the profusion that is Jamaicanness. As an addition, an offering, a gift…”

Tribal Crackling Wind presents a new feature length film by Jeremy Mimnagh and Peter Chin.

Through interviews and through dance, the film Jamaican is a futile exploration of “Jamaicanness”. Shot in Kingston and the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, Jamaica, Panamá City and Bocas del Toro Panamá, and Toronto Canada.

Cast & Credits
Peter Chin and Jeremy Mimnagh
Peter Chin
Jeremy Mimnagh and Yoann Malnati
Sound & music composition
Gordon Neil Allen
Jeremy Mimnagh
Will Cyr
Peter Chin, Kevan Douglas
Anna Graciela Rose Mature, Braudia Corina Dixon Warren de Conquet, Dylan Chong, Erica Neeganagwedgin, Kingston Barber, Margaret Chen, Kevin Antonio Fortuné, Philip Brian, Sheriff Eunice, Richard Chen See, Tehuti Maat, Veerle Poupeye
About The Artist

Peter Chin, Artistic Director of interdisciplinary dance company Tribal Crackling Wind, has been called a “renaissance man” based on his work as a dancer/choreographer, composer/musician, writer, designer and director. Chin was born in Kingston Jamaica, and is based in Toronto and Phnom Penh. Besides his work in Canada, he has also conducted extensive research and creative activity in Asia, Cambodia and Indonesia in particular. Chin’s performance works have been presented across Canada at major dance and music festivals, as well as in Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Taiwan, India, Singapore, Holland, Jamaica, Mexico, Colombia and the United States. Peter Chin is the recipient of numerous awards including four Dora Mavor Moore Awards for dance, as well as the Muriel Sherrin Award for international achievement in dance, a Gemini award for his performance in the film Streetcar, among others. www.tribalcracklingwind.ca

Jeremy Mimnagh works as a photographer, filmmaker, and projection & sound designer for performance. His still collections and film work have been shown across Canada and internationally. Film credits include: girl in mourning & a settling haze (co-created with Heidi Strauss), Jamaican, From Gentle Ashes and a short film for Bravo! called Floating Construct (co-created with Peter Chin), and a series of short films created around adelheid’s elsewhere in collaboration Laura Taler. www.mimnagh.ca

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