La Cama Cósmica

20 Minutes

A young man finds cultural meaning… in his bed.

An assimilated Latino named O’Higgins José begins to explore his cultural roots when he becomes obsessed with the essay, La raza cósmica, which favors Latin America for its racial mixing. His bed becomes as much a space for his white partner and her (multi-ethnic) lovers as it is for his own ideological contemplations. Covered in a pile of dirty clothes from his girlfriend’s various lovers, absorbing their fluids and scents, O’Higgins’ begins to conceive of his bed as a micro-Latin American utopia. When his partner requests they clean up and try monogamy, his utopia and identity are entirely threatened.

Cast & Credits
Playwright / Performer
Nawi Moreno-Valverde
Melissa Anne Fearon
Olivia Nicoloff
About The Artist

Nawi Moreno-Valverde is a Latino writer, actor, director, singer, songwriter. He is a
recent graduate from the University of Toronto. For his play, Salt water Forests, he received the highly coveted Robertson Davies playwright award in 2016. He has acted in several productions at U of T and won Best Supporting Performer at the U of T Drama Coalition Awards 2016. His next play, Tactile Maladies, will premier with Seven Siblings in the Fall.