Multiple Choice – Fragment

20 Minutes

A young woman and her four alter-egos fight for survival.

Fragment from an adaptation of Mexican playwright Luis Mario Moncada’s Opción Múltiple, to be staged by GTL in March, 2018. Opción Múltiple tells the story of Diana, a young woman who has five contrasting personalities, born out of childhood trauma, that don’t allow her to live a normal life. The problem is that her alter-egos (Julia, Petra, Olga, Sabuesa) try to intervene and influence her decision-making. With the help of her therapist, the play’s protagonist will try to master her alter-egos and will also discover the truth about the trauma that disturbs her. The fragment is made up of a series of interactions between the four alter-egos, the therapist and Diana. There will be live music.

Cast & Credits
Elizabeth Yañez, Isela Martinez, Jerarmyn Vidal, Daniela Arango, Yenny Varela, Lavinia Salinas, Ana Boada, Nilda Pintos
Technical personel
Jorge Henriquez, Irina Apelbaum, Alba Agosto, Luc Gonzalez, Raul Agosto, Monica Garrido, Ana Ferraro, Camila Lopez, Bahar Davoudi, Federico Garcia
Luis Rojas, Cesar Correa
Luis Rojas
About The Artist

Luis Rojas is a multidisciplinary artist who has devoted himself to the movement of Spanish-language theatre in Toronto since 2008. Although largely involved as an actor, he has also served as producer and set designer. He is the artistic director of Grupo Teatro Libre, a Toronto based theatre group founded in 2008. In April of 2011, he was one of the organizers of the first community Spanish-language theater festival in Toronto. He has also participated in international festivals like Les Fêtes Internationales du théâtre in Quebec and Panamerican Routes (Aluna Theatre) in Toronto. Since 2013, he has been the artistic director of Casa Maíz Cultural Centre, a multi-purpose Latin American Centre where he runs several projects and programs related to the arts, culture and community. Currently he is the artistic producer of Dia de los Muertos Collective, a non-profit organization that organizes the Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead in Artscape Wychwood Barns. He is also attending OCAD University, majoring in Sculpture and Installation.