Road Warrior

20 Minutes

Stories from the road and the road from sadness to laughter.

Chaves was born and raised in Nicaragua during the tumultuous years of a dictatorship, an earthquake that destroyed her family’s home, and a revolution. She arrived in Montreal with a student visa at 17, and when her family was forced to flee Nicaragua to Guatemala, Martha became “stateless.” She could not return home, she could not go live in Guatemala, and her student visa expired in Canada, so, Martha became a refugee in Canada, all by herself, (no family) where eventually she found her “Rebel” voice, as a Latin-Canadian, doing stand-up comedy.

Martha is a veteran of the Canadian stand-up comedy scene. A real road warrior.

Cast & Credits
Writer / Performer
Martha Chaves
About The Artist

Martha is a veteran of multiple Montreal’s Just for Laughs Festival, and of the Winnipeg Comedy Festival. She has also appeared in the Halifax, Edmonton, Vancouver, and Boston Comedy Festivals, and in the “Marshalls’ Women of Comedy,” in NYC. In Spanish, she’s performed in the Festival Del Humor de Caracol, in Bogotá, Colombia.

Her TV credits include two national comedy specials: “COMICS!” on the CBC, and “Something About Martha” on CTV and The Comedy Network, plus her TV appearances on Just for Laughs, and the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, to mention a few.

Martha is a regular on CBC Radio’s “Laugh Out Loud,” on “The Debaters,” and on “Because News.”
Her one-woman show, In Times of Trouble was featured in The SOULO Festival, (May 2015) and in CAMINOS (November 2015).

In 2016, she was invited to perform it in the SOLOCOM Festival in New York City’s PIT Theatre.