Saturday Shows


Jamaican (film screening): Afternoon matinee time 2pm, tickets $13

“I am a kind of Jamaican that might not be familiar. Or, as some have said, not really Jamaican, or not Jamaican enough, or not Jamaican at all. Nevertheless, the kind of Jamaican that I am, I bring to the profusion that is Jamaicanness. As an addition, an offering, a gift…”

Tribal Crackling Wind presents a new feature length film by Jeremy Mimnagh and Peter Chin.

Jamaican will be preceded by…

By Juan Pablo Pinto Mendoza

#OcupaMInCRJ provides an intimate look into the 111 days during which artists, activists, members of the cultural community came together to occupy the headquarters of the Ministry of Culture in Rio de Janeiro, in an act of resistance against the 2016 soft coup in Brazil.

Evening Program: Saturday Shows begin at 7:30pm. Performance order will be announced the night of. No latecomers.

Abduction, Confined, Vanished, Murder…. identidad invisible.


Lxs Llamas Gemelxs
“When you meet your soulmate, remember that the act of bringing you together was 500 years in the making.”

Examining the edges of the architecture of our homes, psychology and the earth’s construct, taking a voyage from the earth’s core to the exosphere.

Saturday Shows begin at 7:30pm