30 Minutes

Born out of a fascination with the image of an illuminated doorway, Skin is a meditation on boundaries, borders and the shortness of life. Using body, image, text and sound, Skin explores the significance and insignificance of the human experience within the vastness of earth and its atmosphere.

This performance examines the edges of the architecture of our homes, psychology and the earth’s construct, taking a voyage from the earth’s core to the exosphere.

Cast & Credits
Leslie Baker, Emma Tibaldo and Joseph Shragge
Carina Rose and Jennie Herbin
Sound and Video Collaborator
Peter Cerone
Sound Designer
Peter Cerone and Michael Leon
Lighting Designer
Luc Prairie
Video Designer
Leslie Baker
Video Programmer
Peter Cerone and Kate Hagemeyer
Original Video Footage
Than Thein
Set Designer
Leslie Baker and Carina Rose
About The Artist

Artistic director of the newly formed company The Bakery, Leslie Baker has worked internationally as a creator, teacher, performer and movement coach since the 1990’s. She works in traditional theatrical arenas as well as in-situ performance installations. She is devoted to the use of the body, visual and aural signifiers in performance communication. Leslie has as rich collaborative history. Notably, she began a ten-year collaboration with Robert Wilson in 1995, while developing other successful collaborations with Richard Foreman, Peter Bottazzi, Tedi Tafel, Micheline Chevrier, Emma Tibaldo, Joseph Shragge, Bettina Hoffman, amongst others. She has toured her devised interdisciplinary creations internationally to performance festivals. Her solo-creation, Fuck You! You Fucking Perv!, was presented at Le Théâtre La Licorne in October 2016. She has taught the Six Viewpoints and a physical approach to acting at the National Theatre School of Canada, Concordia University, Studio 303, University of Costa Rica, amongst others.