The Cunning Linguist

25 Minutes

How do you leave behind everything you know to become the person you really are?

The Cunning Linguist tells the story of Monica, a Mexican girl that realizes at a young age that she is a lesbian.
Believing that God made her this way, she is happy to be one, but her father makes it clear that it’s wrong to be who she is. Thanks to a TV show, Monica decides to move to Toronto, where she begins to learn about sex and freedom. With God by her side as an unlikely sidekick, Monica relearns how to be herself, without betraying who she was.

Created with support from the Emerging Creators Unit at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, and winner of the 2016 Queer Acts Audience Award.

A journey from one home to another. Funny, honest, and uncensored.

Cast & Credits
Writer / Performer
Monica Garrido
Beatriz Pizano
About The Artist

Monica Garrido is a Mexican performer, filmmaker, writer, comedian, producer and Dance Battle Champion. Her short films “Diferente” opened at the 2015 Inside Out Film festival, and “Love You to Death” at the 2017 Inside Out Film festival. She has had the privilege to work with different companies such as Aluna Theatre, Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, Bad Dog Comedy Theatre, and Grupo Teatro Libre. She was a part of the 2016 Emerging Creator Unit at Buddies in Bad Times where she created the show The Cunning Linguist winner of the 2016 Queer Acts Audience Award, and this year was part of the cast of The Youth Elder Project.