Unipersonal para un intérprete miope

30 Minutes

Individuals, as migrants, thinks of themselves as divided, and feels a force of attraction that pulls towards the place of origin, which takes them to experience a range of complex sensations and emotions.

A psychological portrayal about “Morusa”, a migrant character facing a city of 21 million, and the evident difficulty to connect.

She is the product of forced exile in pursuit of better conditions, opportunities and survival. This piece is a glimpse of Morusa’s intimate self, an isolated character that loses touch, manifesting a distorted perception of reality.

Unipersonal para un intérprete miope explores the body as the territory of memory and mutant identity, a storage of sensations the body has internalized, a cluster of experiences that may or may not be verbalized, but are definitely perceived.

Cast & Credits
Creator / Performer
Gabriela Guerra Woo
About The Artist

Gabriela Guerra Woo is a Mexican Dancer, Choreographer, and Graphic Designer.

She has worked for companies such as Barro Rojo Arte Escénico, Ballet Independiente, Utopía Danza Teatro, Producción UNAM, Pálido Teatro, Compañía 8 segundos, and Realizando Ideas A.C.
As a performer, she has received scholarships and honors such as second place at the soloist competition of Lila López 2014, Individual Artistic Development PECDA 2013, Stage Creators FONCA 2012, Individual Artistic Development PECDA 2009, and first place in the choreography competition ESMDM 2007.

Among her most significant experiences were a residency with the Brazilian company Quasar and an introductory approach to the Gaga language, both of which were very influential on developing her own movement language which led into the creation of pieces like “Unipersonal para un intérprete miope”, “Almario”, “Una alberca detrás de las montañas”, “Errática”, and “Mío”.

At the moment, she is a dancer and choreographer in the Mexican independent contemporary scene, she teaches Gyrotonic, and directs the Monobichi project; an agency specialized in image development and branding in the independent scene.